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Our main aim through this site is to support combination of the Kuruma, Kuruba and Kuruva community in all over India. This Kuruma Sena site provides a platform to share thoughts, ideas and activities, which will bring all kuruma's together and empowers them to reach new heights. Our mission is to provide a support for the betterment of economical and social conditions of the Kuruma community.

Kurumas, a pastoral community, constitute a considerable bulk of the Hindu population in Andhra Pradesh. They are fairly distributed in Telangana and Rayalaseema districts. Kurumba in Tamilnadu, Kuruba in Karnataka, Kuruva in Rayalaseema and costal Andhra and Kuruma in Telangana are the various expressions used to denote the shepherd caste. Kurutlas are also known as Madari Kuruvas and Madarasi Kuruvas in some parts of the state.

The kurumas trace their descent from their tribal god Mallanna (Malia Reddy) who was fabled to have originally been a Kapu by caste. It is believed that Mallanna was born out of Mali Chemata (the next sweat) of Lord Siva. Malia Reddy was the son of Neelamma and Adi Reddy, the ruler of Kolhapur. However, Prof. M.L.K. Murthy gives a different story and says that Elanagi Reddy was the forefather of the kurumas Elanagi Reddy was the son of Adi Reddy and Ademma. He says that Elanagi Reddy and Beerappa are one and the same. See More....

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